Bean Salad Recipe

Three Bean Salad Recipe

Even novice mistress should have in her arsenal a few recipes of salads with beans. The reason is simple – the beans are so self-sufficient that ruin a salad with beans is almost impossible. This gives us a huge space for experimenting, so any bean salad recipe have so many different options. And when you consider that salads with beans is not only delicious, but also a low-calorie, spectacular appearance and is very easy to prepare, it becomes clear why the theme of salads with beans, bean salad recipe is so popular. Salad with red beans and meat is one of the most popular bean salad recipe. This salad with beans is very versatile – safely use this recipe both in normal times as well as for the festive table.

To prepare the salad with beans and meat, you will need 200 grams of pork or beef tenderloin, can of canned red kidney beans in their own juice, tin of canned corn, one avocado. Cut meat into thin slices, salt, pepper and bake in the oven. Clean avocados, remove seeds and cut into small pieces. In a separate bowl, combine beans, corn and avocado; pour vegetable oil, salt to taste. Place on a flat plate slices of meat, and on top put a little salad, garnish with chopped herbs. This option is ideal for a holiday for yourself, you can simplify the recipe for a salad with beans and meat – boiled meat, cut into cubes and combine with the remaining ingredients of salad. Another bean salad recipe – salad of green beans with mushrooms.

Three Bean Salad Recipe

The combination of juicy ground beef, beans, mushrooms, combined with fresh vegetables and tender lettuce both men and women like. You will need: ground beef (200 g), onions, mushrooms (100g), green beans (100g), one tomato and cucumber, lettuce leaves. And now here is bean salad recipe: fry minced meat in a pan with one head of onions diced. Rinse and boil fresh mushrooms in salted water and cut arbitrarily. String beans are also boiled in salted water. A ripe tomato is cut into small pieces. Cucumber is cut into cubes. In a separate bowl mix all the components of the salad, season with butter and salt to taste.

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