French Potato Salad

Yum-yum French Potato Salad

This dish turns out not only delicious and fragrant, but also a beautiful holiday! In addition, you will need a few products for cooking potato pie and they are all completely available. Potato pie turns crispy, tasty, effective and very easy to prepare. It can be supplied as an original appetizer or a main dish with fresh vegetables, sauces, side dishes to meat dishes or used as an ingredient in the preparation of French potato salad. Ingredients: 500 g of potatoes, 300ml of vegetable oil, 1 tsp of salt, 4 tbsp of starch.

Washed and peeled potatoes are washed out with cold water and then dried using tissue. Rub potatoes into strips on the largest “Korea” grater. We put the resulting straw on a napkin to dry. Sift potato starch, add salt, and rolled in a mixture of the resulting potato straws. In a frying pan warm up a lot of oil and fry the potato chips until golden brown. After frying, the potatoes are spread on a cloth again to dry off excess oil. You can allow the oil to drain through a strainer. Necessary ingredients for French potato salad: 700 g of chicken fillet, 200g of canned mushrooms, 250 g of canned corn, 100g of French potato pie, 6 cucumbers, 5 tbsp of vegetable oil, 4 tbsp of cream sauce, salt, pepper.

Creamy French Potato Salad

Cut chicken fillet into beautiful, smooth and thin strips. In a frying pan, pour three tablespoons of vegetable oil, then lay out the chicken. Salt chicken fillet, stir and fry over high heat until golden brown. Chicken is cooked quickly, so to prepare it takes a maximum of 15 minutes. Cooked fillets spread in a container for ingredients. In a frying pan, pour two tablespoons of vegetable oil, spread the mushrooms (previously drained from their liquid) pepper to taste and fry for three minutes on high heat, and do not forget to stir. Sauteed mushrooms spread to the chicken, giving to cool for 15 minutes. Rub fresh cucumber into fine strips. After the chicken and mushrooms are cooled, add the grated cucumber. Add the corn without liquid. Then add the potato pie, leaving a little for decorating French potato salad. Refill French potato salad with sauce, stir.

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