Cooking Healthy Food and Snacks Quickly

If your friends are going to drop in and you have some time before they come, here are some easy ideas for healthy homemade fast food.

We offer you a hamburger with bran bun with a bit of boiled chicken/turkey/beef, it is much tastier than McDonald’s variant. Instead of meat, you can serve it with baked or grilled fish. Are you interested in getting to know how to replace the famous sauce? It is quite easy. Take some sour cream and mix it with your favorite spices and greens – it will become an amazing addition to your meals. You also can make a homemade mayonnaise.

If you want to eat chips or fried potato, you should replace it with baked ones. Cut it in half and put into the oven. After that, serve it on the lettuce. It does not need as much oil and is tasty and healthy.

You can also add an Italian note with coking homemade pizza. It will take only 15 minutes. English buns will be helpful here: you can cut it into two halves, put pieces of chicken on it and cover with tomatoes, onion rings, sweet pepper and, of course, cheese.

If you want to astound friends with your culinary abilities, then prepare meatballs. For this purpose you need to mix up a bit forcemeat (400 g) with the rubbed onion, pepper and one soupspoon of cornstarch. Make the identical marbles from the prepared mixture and put it into the oven preliminary heated to 180 degrees for twenty minutes.

Any feast is impossible without a dessert. Here is a rapid and delicious decision of this question. Take curd, add the dried fruits in and mix carefully. Make marbles from sweet mass and sprinkle it with coconut shaving or lemon zest. It will be difficult to stay indifferent.

All offered dishes are simple to cook, and it is possible to take them to work for lunch or to picnic with friends and family.

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