Homemade Potato Salad

Easy Homemade Potato Salad

Potatoes is a versatile ingredient. With it can be prepared as a simple side dish rustic and refined restaurant hot. And homemade potato salad is simply delicious. Simple recipes for salads of potatoes will tell you how to cook a rich, original and incredibly delicious salad of potatoes, which can be submitted for a holiday or to regale their home for dinner.
In Norway, is used to prepare a salad with herring, not only, but also with red fish or sprats. It would be nice to fill the salad with mustard oil, but if there is no such, conventional oil is also suitable. Eggs necessarily cook soft-boiled and not boiled. Capers can be replaced with little pickles.

Ingredients for homemade potato salad: herring fillet – 3 pieces, potatoes – 2 pieces, eggs – 4 pieces, capers – to taste, stem leeks – 1, tomatoes – 4 pieces, avocados – 1, lemon juice – 0.5 of lemon, oil – 3 tbsp., salt and pepper – to taste.
Boil the potatoes, then fry it. Cutting rings better, but if the potatoes are large, then slice. Boil boiled eggs. Coarsely chop the tomatoes, avocado and herring. Put in a bowl all the ingredients, cutting in half the eggs. Season homemade potato salad with salt and pepper to taste. Ready salad sprinkle with chopped leek, drizzle with vegetable oil – and can serve it.

Simple Homemade Potato Salad

Ingredients for second homemade potato salad: potatoes – 600g, shallots – 300g, mushrooms – 350g, cilantro – 80g, garlic – 2 cloves, olive oil – 3/4 cup, dried thyme – 3 pinches, Dijon mustard – 1 teaspoon, wine vinegar – 6 teaspoons, paprika – 0.5 teaspoons, salt – to taste. Choose a medium-sized potatoes, the best young. Scoble and my carefully, cut into small pieces and fry in 1/4 of the olive oil. Salt – to taste. In the second pan fry mushrooms in 1/4 of the oil with thyme and salt. Now combine the ingredients in a pot, add onions, chopped garlic, mustard, vinegar and paprika. Stir and fry all together. That’s it! When serving garnish homemade potato salad with sprigs of fresh herbs and pour the fresh olive oil, and if there is, and lemon juice!

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