Asian Salmon Salad

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In cookbooks from different countries you can find the following recipes with salmon: in Italian – salmon fried in dough, in Japanese – different types of sushi, in Finnish – marinated salmon, in Swedish – salmon soup Laxsoppa, as well as: cakes with salmon, rice and mushrooms, salad of pasta with salmon and lemon juice, skewers of marinated salmon, salmon mousse, smoked salmon. Today in our menu there is Asian salmon salad. Easy, delicious salad with salmon with mustard sauce will decorate any holiday table.

To prepare one serving of Asian salmon salad you need these ingredients: 120g of salmon fillet, 5g of sea salt, 3g of sugar, 120g of potatoes, 10g of arugula salad, 3g of red caviar, 30g of asparagus, 200 g sunflower oil, 5g of butter, 20 g of Dijon mustard, 20 g of sweet grain mustard, 20ml of lemon juice, 40ml of olive oil.

Asian Grilled Salmon Salad

You need to cut salmon into fillets, remove all the bones, but leave the skin. Fish should be laid in a deep bowl. Mix sea salt with the sugar and cover the entire surface of the salmon. Three hours later, the salmon fillets are washed, carefully dried with use of a waffle towels and cut into thin slices. Potatoes in their skins are well washed and cut into slices. In a saucepan or frying pan pour sunflower oil and fry it to full preparedness of potatoes. Roasted potatoes spread on a sieve to pour out soil.

Wash arugula salad, sort out and dry. Clean and peel asparagus shoots, associate in a bun and place in boiling water, previously adding salt and butter. Three minutes later, we obtain the asparagus from boiling water and place it in cold water with ice so that it would quickly get cooled and stayed crispy. The recipe for the sauce to the salad is very simple. All components of Asian salmon salad are put in a dish before serving the salad and mixed well.

Lay out fried potatoes in the center of a plate. Next comes a layer of arugula salad and asparagus (spread half of the ingredients). Place all uniformly slices of salmon, and then, on top lay a rest of arugula and asparagus. Pour Asian salmon salad with mustard sauce and decorate with red caviar. Our Asian salmon salad with mustard sauce is ready. Bright, colorful and delicious salad will appeal to all and will be one of your favorite holiday dishes.

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