Bean Corn Salad

Fresh Salad with Bean and Corn

Bean corn salad with crackers – a snack that is suitable for all occasions of life, from the unexpected visitor to the big birthday or holiday calendar. Also, it can completely replace the heavy meat dish. Besides the fact that this salad is very tasty, it is more for a holiday colorful! For this salad the hostess must have two main components: the beans and crackers. Preference is given to the home, rather than store-bought crackers, which contain a variety of flavors, dyes and other unnecessary ingredients to us.

In some recipes of bean corn salad, there are meat products: ham, sausage or boiled chicken. Of course, they are attached to their original taste and complement the composition. In this salad are none, because the bean itself is very satisfying and can replace meat. However, if you still want to supplement your bean corn salad with meat you can cook chicken salad, crackers and beans – the same ingredients as in the below form, plus add the diced boiled chicken breast.

Spicy Bean Corn Salad

So, for the preparation of the bean corn salad with croutons, we need the following ingredients: 400 g of beans or homemade 1 can store; 1 can of sweet corn; 200 g of hard cheese; 2 fresh cucumber; 200 gr homemade croutons (or 1 package store); bunch of fresh green; mayonnaise; spice. Take the beans, preferably red, wash after soaking, boil. After the water is drained, pour beans into a bowl and leave to cool. If you have canned beans, then open the can, put on colander, so there was no excess liquid.

We perform the same actions with corn. Hard cheese, cucumbers cut into small cubes, herbs finely cut. Rusks previously prepared themselves from rye bread with spices (salt, pepper, you can give a little turmeric). All ready ingredients of bean corn salad except crackers and greenery fall asleep in a bowl. Add mayonnaise and mix well. We give a little brew. Add crackers before serving. If you invest once, they will melt, and there is no such taste effect, which we originally expected. On top decorate with greenery – our bean corn salad with cheese and crackers ready! Gourmets will be satisfied with this taste ensemble!

Cooking Bean Corn Salad

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