Thai Chicken Salad

Thai Chicken Salad Ingredients

Low calorie tropical fruit – grapefruit, along with dietary bird tangy-juicy “environment” – a delicious dish, thai chicken salad – light and original.
Ingredients for thai chicken salad: chicken – 400 g, grapefruit – 1 pc. , red chilli – 1/2 of the pod, shallots – 2-3 pcs, parsley – 3-5 sprigs, lettuce – 2-3 leaves, soy sauce (classic) – 2-3 tbsp., vegetable oil (cold pressed olive or sesame) – 30 ml, lemon – ½ pcs., sesame seeds – 1-2 pinches.

After washing chicken breast, remove any tape, and the fat layer, cook it in the traditional way in salted water until cooked. Cool without removing it from the broth to keep the juiciness. Cooked and chilled poultry dismantle / break in the fiber or cut into large cubes. Chicken pieces folded into a large container. After removing the peel, pulp each slices of grapefruit extract from bitter shell, split in half or into three parts. With hybrid onion and garlic – shallots remove peel, chop into thin rings. In searing chili and remove the seeds and chop the rings. Last preparatory stage – the thai chicken salad dressing. Mix vegetable oil, soy sauce and fresh lemon juice – vigorously shake up to a maximum homogeneity. In a bowl add the remaining ingredients and serve thai chicken salad.
Ingredients for another thai chicken salad: chicken – 250 g, tomatoes – 100 g, cucumbers – 100 g, mint – 1/2 bunch, basil – 1/2 bunch, soy sauce – 50 ml, garlic – 1 clove, ginger powder – 1/3 tsp.., chili pepper – to taste, lemon juice – 1/3 pcs, brown sugar – 2 tsp, salt, ground paprika, sesame, vegetable oil.

Chopped Thai Peanut Chicken Salad

Cut the fillet into thin slices. Fillet with salt, sprinkle with hot pepper and paprika and stir. Fry meat for 5 minutes on a heated with a small amount of vegetable oil pan.
While fried chicken, you can prepare the sauce for thai chicken salad . Chop the mint and basil, put them into a bowl. Squeeze of lemon juice. Cut into thin strips a little chilli, add ginger. Pour the soy sauce. Skip through the press peeled garlic. Add sugar to taste and if necessary – salt. Cucumbers cut into thin plates and then chop not long strips. Just chop the tomatoes. Connect warm chicken, vegetables and dressing, mix in a large salad bowl. Serve thai chicken salad immediately.

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