Healthy Late Night Snack

Some people are still convinced that, if you have a supper after 6 pm, then it must not be hot dish, and only cold. In fact, the temperature of supper does not play any role. The included food in your late supper is much more important.

You can calmly eat the chicken breast or other low-fat meat, any stewed vegetables of type of ragout, boiled fish or dish of easy soup with the piece of brown bread boiled or prepared on a pair. A stomach will be in raptures, an organism will calm down and food will be cooked, as it should be. Such meal is much more useful than, for example, cold sandwich with ham.

It is considered that fruit it is possible to eat before sleep in great numbers: you will not put on weight because of them, they say. But YES, you will! In most fruit, there is too much fructose, which affects organism like sugar. It is better to eat fruit during a day – in the morning, in the daytime and after dinner. The most dangerous fruits that you should not eat in the evening: bananas, mango, grapes, some apples.

If you plan to eat up properly in the evening, try not to eat much meal after breakfast and dinner. It is better to avoid the usual snack, abandoning “place” for a supper. Try not to cross the border of permissible calories; the common day’s amount must not “max out”. If you do not forget about this rule, it will be simple to arrange the basic eating not in the day-time, and in the evening.

Here are some tips for how to prepare perfect supper for becoming thin. Those facilities must help:

  • it is possible to eat the piece of low-fat meat, fishes or birds measuring and in thick as your palm without fingers;
  • to this amount of albumen it is possible to add 2 “fists” of vegetables;
  • if you love milk products you can eat 1 “fist” some curd and 2 “fists”of unsweet fruit, berries or vegetables;
  • 1 soupspoon of vegetable oil for those, who do sport and 1 teaspoon for all other.

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