Cooking Healthy Food and Snacks Quickly

If your friends are going to drop in and you have some time before they come, here are some easy ideas for healthy homemade fast food. We offer you a hamburger with bran bun with a bit of boiled chicken/turkey/beef, it is much tastier than McDonald’s variant. Instead of meat, you can serve it with baked or grilled fish. Are you interested in getting to know how to replace the famous sauce? It is quite […]

How To Cook Tasty And Healthy Salad With Tuna?

Tuna is a great choice with its variety of nutrients and vitamins. In addition, this product is full of protein, and it almost does not include any junk carbohydrates or fats. It has polyunsaturated instead. Besides, calorie content of tuna is quite small, that is why including it into ration will bring no harm! Combining tuna with vegetables, you satiate your organism with vitamins and food fibres, that is why such food brings a maximum […]