Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Caesar Salad With Creamy Dressing
Grilled Chicken Caesar SaladChicken Caesar Salad RecipeFlavorous Chicken Caesar SaladSavory Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Caesar salad is a famous and very popular salad nowadays. It is served in any restaurant and there are so many recipes of it. It is believed that the original is a recipe in which there is generally no meat. There is no chicken, no seafood, only a few vegetables with eggs and dressing. However, a simple recipe of Caesar with chicken in America and many other countries caught on much faster, because this […]

Salmon Caesar Salad

Wild Caught Salmon Caesar Salad
Healthy Salmon Caesar SaladGreat Salmon Caesar SaladSalmon Caesar Salad Main IngredientSalmon Caesar Salad Decor

Based only on the name, salmon Caesar salad can be equated to the list of magnificent dishes. If we turn to the history of its origin, according to the facts for sure, it came up with the Italian. It would seem that so loud salad name speaks for itself. The author of so popular recipe has become Italian chef Caesar Cardini, who lived in Mexico. It was back in 1896 not far from San Diego. […]

Mexican Bean Salad

Traditional Mexican Bean Salad
Traditional Mexican Bean SaladMexican Black Bean SaladSpicy Mexican Bean SaladDelightful Mexican Bean Salad

National cuisine of Mexico has long been famous for its bright, colorful, sometimes fiery taste variety of dishes. Extremely tasty, juicy, tender salads are served with olive oil or sauce, seasoned with a variety of pungent spices. Prepare a delicious Mexican bean salad of famous chefs in Mexico is quite simple – you need only a desire, food, and little of free time. The most delicious and delicate turns Mexican salad with the addition of […]

Delicious Vietnamese Beef Salad vs Easy and Light Ina Garten Corn Salad

Amazing Ina Garten Corn Salad
Tastful Ina Garten Corn SaladVietnamese Beef Salad For GurmansAmazing Ina Garten Corn SaladExtraordinary Vietnamese Beef Salad

Even though these two salads require different number of ingredients and different amount of time to be cooked, both of them are worth of your attention. For Vietnamese beef salad, you will need 500g of beef, 100g of dried rice noodles, 100g of snow peas, one pealed Lebanese cucumber, a bundle of fresh coriander leaves and fresh mint leaves, two sliced shallots, one peeled carrot, 50g of bean sprouts, Asian salad mix, one chopped chili […]

Three Vegan Salads for Every Taste

Quinoa Greek Salad With Dressing
Nice Quinoa Greek SaladVeggie Quinoa Greek SaladLight Avocado Corn SaladAvocado Corn Salad Recipe

Here we will talk about cooking three salads that are both easy to cook and satisfying to eat. To cook a quinoa chickpea salad, you will need one cup of quinoa, one can of chickpeas, diced small cucumber, twelve quartered cherry tomatoes, 125 g. of feta cheese, chopped basil, two minced cloves of garlic, olive oil, cumin, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, salt, and black pepper. Cook quinoa on medium-low for fifteen minutes until tender. Combine […]

Easy and Light Chicken Ceasar Salad

Fresh Chicken Caesar Salad
Tasteful Chicken Caesar SaladPalatable Chicken Caesar SaladEasy Chicken Ceasar SaladSavory Chicken Caesar Salad

For a delicious Chicken Ceasar salad, you will need four large slices of white bread, olive oil, two raw chicken breasts, and one large lettuce. The dish will be drizzled with dressing. To cook it, a clove of garlic, 2 anchovies, a small block of Parmesan, five tablespoons of mayonnaise, and one tablespoon of white wine vinegar will be needed. Cut white bread slices into medium pieces, drizzle them with olive oil, season with salt, […]

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad Dressed with Balsamic Vinaigrette

Classic Balsamic Vinaigrette
Balsamic Vinaigrette DressingCooking Balsamic VinaigretteMediterranean Quinoa Salad DishMediterranean Quinoa Salad With Blackberry

Those planning on cooking Mediterranean quinoa salad should visit a rice section of a supermarket to find quinoa. If this grain corn isn’t pre-washed then you should rinse it before cooking to get rid of a natural coating which tastes bitter. To cook the salad, you will need a cup of white quinoa, a pinch of salt, one cup of diced cucumbers, a small can of tomatoes with basil, oregano, and garlic, 1/3 cup of […]

Green Papaya And Mango Salad

Pleasant and refreshing salads made from mango, papaya and avocado will create the festive atmosphere during the whole year. Sweet papaya&mango salad. Ingredients: 1 large mango, 1 middle papaya, 1 avocado, 3 soupspoons of balsamic vinegar, 1 soupspoon of dairy butter, 4 soupspoons of the chopped almond, 1 teaspoon of brown sugar, 1 bunch of lettuce, salt. Peel papaya and mango, delete a stone from them and cut into two halves each. Peel avocado, delete […]

Blueberry Corn Salad

Someone may consider that there is no place for blueberry in the salad, but everybody knows how tasty and, what’s more, how healthy it is. Therefore, here is couple of recipes with blueberry. In addition, to add more uniqueness to your salads, there will be corn too. First variant. Ingredients for 4 portions: 350 g of chicken, 200g of corn, 80g of feta, 80g of blueberry, half of red onion, 2-3 soupspoons of sour cream, […]

Healthy Food Pyramid

The basic idea of “omnivorous” type of diet can be set forth so: it is needed to eat everything, but not too much. Quantity of one kind of food is determined by so-called “healthy food pyramid” or “food pyramid” where all foods are divided into a few categories. Foods of every category must be presented in a daily ration in a certain proportion – as shown in the pyramid of feed. So healthy food pyramid […]