Healthy Salad Toppings

Scientists from the USA proved that it is necessary to add a small amount of fat into your food even when you are on diet. It mainly concerns salads. Some useful substances from vegetables and greens simply cannot absorb without unassisted fats because they are liposoluble. Therefore, here are the most popular products, which contain these substances-helpers in themselves. Avocado. In average fruit of avocado contains 30g nonsaturated fatty acids. Although, on some estimations, 16 […]

Healthy Late Night Snack

Some people are still convinced that, if you have a supper after 6 pm, then it must not be hot dish, and only cold. In fact, the temperature of supper does not play any role. The included food in your late supper is much more important. You can calmly eat the chicken breast or other low-fat meat, any stewed vegetables of type of ragout, boiled fish or dish of easy soup with the piece of […]

Salmon And Avocado Salad

Before you start cooking, let us remind how healthy the salmon is. So, do you know that only 115g of salmon provide our body with the daily norm of vitamin D? This piece of fish contains half of daily norm of vitamin B12. Moreover, a salmon is a perfect source of vitamin B6 and magnesium. Here is the reason why dietitians recommend including this product into ration. Besides, you can always show your culinary abilities […]

Delicious Healthy Drink Recipes

During diet, people always try to eat less and use drinks as something that can fill them instead. However, you should remember: drinks’ caloric density has to be low too. So choose products properly and be sure there are many incredibly tasty recipes. Here are some of them. The excellent beginning of a day can be provided with drink made from many useful ingredients in the complement of that. Take the half of banana, half […]

Most Delicious Healthy Food

There is a huge variety of delicious dietary meal. The only thing you need is to use the appropriate ingredients. You can make a healthy pizza or any desserts like pancakes, simple cakes and even cheesecakes. As everyone on a diet misses sweet deserts the most, here are some great recipes, which can help with no harm to your figure. Who knew that oatmeal would be the best friend of it? Oatmeal dietary pancakes. Ingredients: […]

Delicious Healthy Salad Recipes

The recipe of Greek salad is simple enough and at the same time it is classic, healthy and delicious. Although there are millions of its recipes (as well as any folk dish has), there are some universal secrets which make a salad Greek. Every Greek will tell you his or her own recipe of Greek salad, because “grandmother cooked so”. However, classic Greek salad always contains cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet pepper, bow, olives and cheese feta, […]

Healthy Meat Diet

Every diet has its term and even this delicious one. The point is that doctors do not advise to eat too much meat because of the nitrous substances in it. Daily ration has to include 3-5 portions about 100-150g each. Usually this type of protein diet has such restrictions: you cannot eat flour-containing and confectionary products, cereals, salt, sugar and sweets, fruits, some vegetables (potato, carrot and podded vegetables), alcohol, sweet drinks and milk products. […]

Healthy Summer Salad

Summer always makes us happy by the abundance of vegetables and fruits. The most useful meal is a salad from green goods or fruits. Summer salad is an easy, delicious and useful source of health. Here are some recipes of it. Lean salad with vegetables. Ingredients: 200g of asparagus, 2 tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, 150g of red radish, bunch of greenery, 2 spoons of olive oil, ground black pepper and salt as you wish. Cut tomatoes […]

Healthy Homemade Salad Dressing

Now it is possible to find everything in the supermarket. Even sauces call us with the colorful packing! The brighter packing the more artificial its taste. In most cases, no chemical copies even remind original ones. Moreover, even if you think it is delicious, you just need to read composition and all happiness will vanish at once. Of course, there are exceptions, but such products are quite expensive. For example, it is possible to find […]

Healthy Egg Salad

It is considered that consumption of less fat in food helps you to lose weight. In fact, in one fatty molecule, there are 9 calories, and in one carbohydrate molecule it is 4. However, dietitians have suddenly pulled out hypothesis that fats can help to become thin! Obesity appears to start only because of carbohydrates and the best diet needs just to decrease the consumption of carbohydrates. The main idea is to eat fewer carbohydrates […]