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The recipe of Greek salad is simple enough and at the same time it is classic, healthy and delicious. Although there are millions of its recipes (as well as any folk dish has), there are some universal secrets which make a salad Greek.

Every Greek will tell you his or her own recipe of Greek salad, because “grandmother cooked so”. However, classic Greek salad always contains cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet pepper, bow, olives and cheese feta, greens, olive oil and wine vinegar. There are no strict rules about how to cut vegetables for Greek salad – every host prepares it in his own way. Only ingredients matter. For example, it is better to choose red bow, it should be sweet and pickling it in vinegar is not needed. There will be enough acid for neutralization of bitter taste in priming.

Without what ingredient Greek salad cannot be considered Greek? It appeared that without oregano! Greeks use for their salad exactly oregano, not basil. Of course, for different variations of Greek salad it is possible to use different greens, but do not forget about oregano, respect Greeks. In addition, Greek salad needs such dressing as olive oil and necessarily vinegar, 3 to 1. The best thing is to choose vinegar made from white wine.

Basis of Greek salad needs to be carefully mixed in a large bowl and put into a dish by layers. At first vegetables, then olives and only after it you should add a feta. If you mix it up together with vegetables, the small pieces of cheese will make a dish inaccurate. In the end feta needs to be additionally sprinkled with oregano. Moreover, your dish will be more delicious if you leave it for some time. After that Greek salad is ready – enjoy your meal!

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