Green Papaya And Mango Salad

Pleasant and refreshing salads made from mango, papaya and avocado will create the festive atmosphere during the whole year.

Sweet papaya&mango salad. Ingredients: 1 large mango, 1 middle papaya, 1 avocado, 3 soupspoons of balsamic vinegar, 1 soupspoon of dairy butter, 4 soupspoons of the chopped almond, 1 teaspoon of brown sugar, 1 bunch of lettuce, salt.

Peel papaya and mango, delete a stone from them and cut into two halves each. Peel avocado, delete a stone and cut finely. Then you should take the half of mango and half of papaya and mix it in blender with balsamic vinegar. Grind everything up to the homogeneous mass. Kindle dairy butter on a middle fire. Add an almond into the frying pan too, constantly stirring, until it will not become slightly rouged. Add sugar and mix carefully. After that take it off from a fire and lay out the ready almond on the piece of parchment, dividing sticking together pieces. Set aside and cool it. Right before serving put your salad into the large salad-bowl. Then cut another halves of mango and papaya finely and neatly mix with an avocado and lettuce. Finally, outpour a fruit puree over salad, slightly sprinkle salt and almond and serve up.

Thai salad. Ingredients: 2 mangos, 1 papaya, carrot, oyster mushrooms, coconut sauce, salt, pepper.

First, you have to marinate a carrot cut into thin noodles and put it into a salad-dish. Add salt, pepper and fresh juice of lime there. Mix it, add season olive oil and leave for some time. Then cut papaya and mango into thin noodles too. Roast oyster mushrooms in warmed-up oil to formation of crisp, add salt, pepper and put on a napkin, to get rid from excessive fat. Put a serving ring on a dish, lay out there layers of papaya, mango and pickled carrot, oiling every layer a coconut sauce. Then take off a form neatly, lay out mushrooms, sprinkle with a peanut to decorate salad.

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