Healthy Egg Salad

It is considered that consumption of less fat in food helps you to lose weight. In fact, in one fatty molecule, there are 9 calories, and in one carbohydrate molecule it is 4. However, dietitians have suddenly pulled out hypothesis that fats can help to become thin! Obesity appears to start only because of carbohydrates and the best diet needs just to decrease the consumption of carbohydrates.

The main idea is to eat fewer carbohydrates not limiting yourself in proteins (natural proteins, containing the large percent of fats). At the same time, you can absorb plant fats too. In a gastrointestinal tract carbohydrates turn into glucose, which is an energy source.

If there is too much glucose in an organism, then liver begins to work as a factory that converts carbohydrates into unnecessary kilograms on your body. Carbohydrates are needed to consume no more than 50 grams per twenty-four hours. Attaining it is possible with help of low carbohydrate salads.

Salad made from chicken, Chinese cabbage and pineapple:
Take 250 g of the Pekinese cabbage, 250 g of the canned pineapples, 200 g of chicken filet, 80-100 g of mayonnaise, 80-100 g of spring onions. Boil and chop chicken filet into small pieces, cut spring onions and pineapple finely, slice a cabbage. Mix everything up and add mayonnaise.

Marine products and celery salad:
Take 200 g of celery (stems), 1 soupspoon of mayonnaise, 200 g of marine cocktail, pepper, salt – depends on your choice.
Julienne with the stems of celery.
Boil a marine cocktail during 4-5 minutes. Cool it then. Mix all ingredients up and add some mayonnaise.

Egg salad:
For 12 portions you should take: 450 g of shrimps, 12 eggs, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, paprika as you wish. While eggs are boiling, dry shrimps up well. Make sure that all shrimps are dry or salad will be liquid otherwise. Leave the cleaned eggs in one large bowl and grind it down. Add dietary mayonnaise. Then add shrimps and sprinkle salad with paprika.

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