Salmon And Avocado Salad

Before you start cooking, let us remind how healthy the salmon is. So, do you know that only 115g of salmon provide our body with the daily norm of vitamin D? This piece of fish contains half of daily norm of vitamin B12. Moreover, a salmon is a perfect source of vitamin B6 and magnesium. Here is the reason why dietitians recommend including this product into ration. Besides, you can always show your culinary abilities using salmon salads.

At the same time avocado is healthy and nourishing fruit in the whole world. This unique product is indispensable at the table of people, trying to lose their weight.

Cold salmon salad. This salmon salad is quickly and easy to prepare! Ingredients for 4 portions: 500g of the salmon either boiled or slightly fried, but chilled to the room temperature, 2 stems of celery, that must be cut finely, half of red onion, that it is also necessary to shred, one lemon juice, 1 soupspoon of olive oil, 2 soupspoons of the finely cut, fresh dill, salt and ground pepper.

Put a salmon into a separate plate. In other bowl mix up the celery, red onion, lemon-juice, olive oil and fresh dill. Neatly outpour it into a dish with a salmon. Add salt and pepper. Put the prepared lettuce from a salmon in a refrigerator for 30 minutes in order to cool it. Add the lobule of lemon to each portion.

Layered salmon salad looks like a festive cake or like a large and very delicious roll. It will definitely please all the Chinese cuisine lovers. Ingredients: glass of rice, 200g of salted salmon, 1 avocado, quarter of sesame glass, curd cream, sheet of the dried sea kale for roll.

Boil rice in slightly salted water. Cut a salmon into pieces. Peel an avocado and delete a stone, then slice it. Cut out a circle from the layer of the dried cabbage, this will be founding of salad. We lay out lettuce layers, repeating each twice. So, boiled rice, sliced avocado, salmon. After that, you should repeat layers. The last layer must be a salmon. Every layer we anoint with curd cheese.

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